Statement of AmCham Bulgaria, Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and DHI Cluster

On December 11th the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Digital Healthcare Innovation Cluster sent their joint position with regard the Strategic development of the Healthcare Sector of the Republic of Bulgaria and with regard the newly adopted of the NHIF 2021 Budget Act on November 24th, 2020.

Common priority in 2021 would be proposing constructive solutions for modernizing and reforming the Healthcare sector of Bulgaria and making it to be more effective and to have more efficacy, as well as to digitalize its services.

“We are all certain that healthcare is investment – in people, in sustainability of the country, and it is an asset that must be well maintained. We were and will always be among the most reliable partners of the Bulgarian authorities.”

The second topic and main concern is related to the voted in Plenary hall amounts in the 2021 NHIF Budget that will cover just half of the identified deficit in each of the medicines’ groups.

Our main goal is that neither of the authorities should fall in extremes and face insurmountable limitations especially in the healthcare system and in pandemic times. Each government has the good will and the power to find the right and precise solutions to balance between the health of those who are infected with COVID-19, and those that are suffering from other illnesses.

We appeal for reconsidering of the voted 2021 NHIF Budget Law in order to have secured funds (from or outside the NHIF Reserve) ensuring access to quality medicinal treatment considering the real demand of Bulgarian citizens.

Read the full version of the letter in Bulgarian here.