Digital Transformation and Shared Principles are the Core of the Healthcare Reform in Bulgaria

On December 12th, 2020, the Digital Healthcare Innovation Cluster held an online conference on “Digital Transformation in Healthcare Forum”. In the “Economy of the Healthcare and Digital Transformation” panel Daniel Kiryakov, Communication and Public Affairs Manager, gave some remarks. He joined Evgeni Kanev, Macronis, Ivan Lekushev, BGO Software, and was moderated by Ekaterina Karpuzova, GM, Bayer Bulgaria.

“It seems that today we make the debut of AmCham Bulgaria in any of the formats of the DHI Cluster. We feel comfortable in your virtual company because some of the members of the cluster are AmCham members too,” started his remarks Daniel.

We feel that we share common principles and values together. That shortens the distance between our organizations, and we are focused on the improvement of healthcare sector too. It is among AmCham’s priorities along with the rule of law, improvement of the investment climate, education, and sectors such as energy, digital transformation, human capital.

The link and partnership between digital and healthcare companies in both organizations is natural. With the digital healthcare we all can make various of synergies and benefits for the citizens. If we unite around the understanding that the Bulgarian healthcare system should be reformed in a way to be centered on patients, to be user-friendly for the medical professionals, we could have a well-functioning and efficient system. We should rebuild it or upgrade the current one by making sure that it has the proper foundations, the needed horizontal and vertical connections, legislative changes, subordination, etc. Probably here business organizations like ours see our role. We have our know-how, which is member-based, we are the platform for impact.

“We should focus on the efficiency of the future digital healthcare system of Bulgaria, as well as to improve the healthcare itself. AmCham’s position is that any future reform should consider not only the cost-benefit analysis, but also to seek improvements in waste of time, create of opportunities, as well as it should implement its ultimate goal – saving lives.

In March-April 2020 we felt some impulse for some positive change and development in various sectors of the economy, incl. healthcare. Then, AmCham Bulgaria joined other bilateral chambers to propose new measures or solutions to the government to implement certain reforms. “We expected that the digital tools will not only connects us while working-from-home, but also we thought that they will be the catalyst for many sectoral reforms and in the administration.”

We should design the digital healthcare around innovations too. We have excellent foundation, we have capacity and human capital, perhaps we should communicate better to push this forward too. Because our main message is that healthcare is a strategic priority and investment, it is part of the national security, and it is the tool for improving the quality of life of the people.

The role of any government of critical important for the development of the investment climate in Bulgaria, including as well-functioning healthcare system. It should be based on common principles and priorities, as well as to smart copy the experience of some of the most advanced in digital healthcare countries, such as Estonia and Germany.

Watch the Healthcare Digital Transformation Forum

The Economy of the Healthcare and Digital Transformation” panel starts on 02:00:00 hrs.