Classter Is One of Europe’s Top 10 EdTech Start-ups

We are excited and proud to announce that Classter All-in-One Student & Learning Management System has been awarded a place among Europe’s Top 10 EdTech Start-ups for 2021 by Education Technology Insights magazine!

This is a great honor, and at the same time it is just the beginning of our journey aiding the educational sector in digitalizing their operations cost-effectively, while also securing future innovations, not only in Europe but around the globe as well.

Today everybody talks about the importance of managing virtual classes effectively. However, by just replacing physical classes with online classes you cannot lead your school to the digital era. EdTech solutions are focused on simplifying the organization and operations for educational institutions. By enabling such solutions, educational leaders can offer benefits to all stakeholders: students, teachers, parents, and employees. In this way institutions can reduce their operational cost, teachers can concentrate on offering engaging learning opportunities, while students can follow tailored curriculums to their needs.

Classter is remodelling the EdTech industry with one of the most innovative software systems in the world, using Cloud-based SaaS technology, providing an end-to-end solution for educators, by integrating the features of three different types of management systems: the Student (SIS), School (SMS) and Learning (LMS).

Classter has been successfully adopted by many educational organizations since 2016, managing to establish an extensive network of partners and resellers in more than 15 countries across 4 continents, including Europe, Middle East & Africa, and North America. Classter is currently used by over 500 educational institutions worldwide, with over 500.000 active students, teachers, and parents on the platform.

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