AmCham Bulgaria Presents Its New Logo

AmCham Bulgaria has a new logo!

After a long and fruitful process executed in two phases that involved multiple partners, we can officially present to our members and the public at large our new logo. To have a new identity was long-dreamed through the years, and it was part of the plan to celebrate AmCham’s 25th Anniversary.

“We are very happy to start the year with the announcement of our new logo. This project marks another event of our transformation that started four years ago. Our new graphic identity perfectly matches the vision that we would like to present to our stakeholders – both local and international, and to the public,” said Olivier Marquette, AmCham Bulgaria President.

“We have walked through a long process together with many friends and partners. First, I would like to thank the AmCham Bulgaria team for their outstanding work in managing this process. Second, I would like to thank all the agencies and single artists that participated in the two phases of the project. Third, we would like to further engage with members by giving them the opportunity to use our logo in their materials.

“With this project, we had a very special lesson on creativity that was given by the creative specialists, art students and professors from the National Art Academy (that partnered us in this journey) that gives us hope for the future of Bulgaria. I would like to thank all creators that expanded our horizon by presenting to us ideas how we could better position visually ourselves,” added Olivier.

About the Logo

The final winner of the contests for a new logo of AmCham Bulgaria is NRG Brands. Their proposal won the vote of the internal jury commission with the excellent combination between symbolizing, graphics, and the overall message that it gives.

One thing is certain: our new logo has a modern sound. The definite silhouette suggests determination and strength. The construction of the graphic sign gives a feeling of stability, aspiration, direction, and community.

Our new logo has two intertwined letters that symbolize unity, communication, partnership, the meeting of two nations and two cultures – the Bulgarian and the American ones. It also combines reciprocity, purposefulness, ascent.

The overall silhouette of the graphic composition resembles a star, which is an unobtrusive reference to the American national flag. It has also the letter “A” – for America and AmCham, as well as for being first (not only in alphabetical order). It also has a spike – aiming always for excellence. Some might see a bridge, which one pillar has stepped on the East Coast, and the other – on the top of Stara Planina. Their peak reaches the sky.

With regard to the colors – the solution had to find a genuine approach and implementation of the well-known blue, red and white. The NRG Brands proposal used derivatives from the colors of the two flags – dark blue, green, and red. These three colors correspond with each other, as the dominant color is blue, which creates the necessary contrast and emphasizes the letter “A”.

New Logo and Members

Our new logo should be used by the members in the best way to represent their belonging to the AmCham Bulgaria community.

Thus, we would like to present some non-limited but concrete guidance that should be followed:

  1. Members can use the AmCham logo on their websites, stationery, and corporate presentations to present that they are members of the Chamber. The position of the AmCham logo should follow the logo guidance for colors, sizes, dimensions.
  2. It should be used only to represent that a member is a voluntarily part of AmCham Bulgaria, and it shares our values and principles of the Chamber and follows its Code of Conduct and the Statutes.
  3. Our logo should not be used as a certificate for the quality of a product, service, or specific performance of the member. It cannot be part of an evidence for certain activities by a member, neither to justify certain acts and their consequences.
  4. Our logo should not be used for corporate events of a member without an explicit written permission from AmCham Bulgaria
  5. Coordination with the AmCham Team of the way the AmCham logo is placed by a member is well expected.

The logo pack for members is available here for download.

The Guidance is here.

As per rebranding enrolment, AmCham’s new logo starts to appear in all of our materials and our communication platform.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact AmCham Bulgaria’s team.