BICA Services Spins-off Anthill to Make It Easier for Tech Companies to Build Scalable Nearshore R&D Centers

BICA Services, a preferred HR consulting and recruiting partner that supports multiple Fortune 100 companies, is introducing a new service under the brand “Anthill”. The new company builds on top of years of successful connections in the IT industry and will provide professional IT services to enterprises looking to address R&D challenges or strengthen their existing product teams.

We know that setting up R&D operations abroad can be challenging – it takes time to get to know the specifics of the labor market and identify top-quality IT talent. Furthermore, scaling quickly should not come at the expense of quality, processes and culture. Anthill has developed a custom build-operate-transfer (BOT) model that will support its partners in this journey, reducing risk and eliminating some of the headaches along the way.

Anthill can offer an established team of highly-skilled IT professionals providing the senior governance, processes and framework required for the successful operation. Our architects, devops, developers and project managers will make the start of the real software development possible in days versus months of preparations. The existing admin structure will also guarantee a flawless tax, administrative and financial compliance.

Our custom build-operate-transfer (BOT) approach offers our partners an option to acquire the team under development from the start of the operation at a capped price, enabling the end client to comfortably create or transfer core IT know-how with clear forecast of the total cost of the operation.

This delivery model has been successful for a wide range of companies from startups to multinational corporations where Anthill also served as a natural bridge between businesses, academia and the booming IT ecosystem of inspired professionals in Eastern Europe.

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