Webinar Announcement: Get a module walk-through from Classter’s CEO!

Join us on Wednesday, April 7th or Thursday, April 8th to discover Classter’s CRM Module and find out how to improve communication management in your educational institution.

Here is what you will learn:
  • Manage CRM workflows for your educational institution.
  • Create CRM Categories and Entities to manage diverse incidents.
  • Set up Student/Parent-Teacher Online Meetings.

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4 Ways an Academic CRM is Different from a Traditional CRM

More and more educational institutions are adopting Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs). This functionality helps them attract, engage, and communicate better with students, teachers and parents. An academic CRM can make or break the relationship with existing or potential students and impact the whole organization. Find out 4 ways an academic CRM is different from a traditional CRM and why educational institution leaders should be extremely careful when choosing an academic CRM tool.

Student Information System Features that Improve Communication in the Educational Environment

Student information systems need to be integrated with a robust alerting and communication system to notify students, parents or teachers in case of an emergency and when key events take place. A smart Student Information System is designed with features that allow all stakeholders to collaborate in order to make the communication in the educational environment as effective, engaging and uncomplicated as possible. Discover the features any SIS must have embedded to improve communication within the educational environment.