Devin JSC Launches New Generation of Hydration on the Bulgarian Market

The market leader in bottled water in Bulgaria Devin JSC launches a new generation of hydration under the brand DEVIN Mineral & Vitamins. The beverages are the first to be created on the basis of Bulgarian mineral water enriched with vitamins and microelements for stronger immunity, optimal balance in the body and good mood. They are designed for the daily lifespan of all those who would like to keep the good mood and are looking for the optimal balance between functionality and refreshing taste. Containing no artificial colors, low in calories and with soft fruit flavors, the new series provides for the first time an alternative to the existing soft drinks on the market. One bottle provides 25% of the recommended daily amount of B vitamins and 15% of the recommended daily amount of zinc and selenium.

“The innovation DEVIN Mineral & Vitamins will expand the category of mineral water in Bulgaria, contributing to a healthy lifestyle in an exciting for the consumers way. The DEVIN Mineral & Vitamins series meets the changing requirements of Bulgarian consumers and gives them right to choose how to quench their thirst, while taking care of the mind and body”, says Borislava Nalbantova, General Manager of Devin JSC.

DEVIN Mineral & Vitamins are the only products in Bulgaria with Bulgarian natural mineral water and without artificial colors. The added B vitamins play an important role in maintaining the nervous system, skin and cellular metabolism, and the minerals zinc and selenium contribute to the normal functioning of the body’s immune system.

The Mineral & Vitamins series includes four refreshing flavors, divided into two subgroups:
  • Immunity (supporting the immunity): includes the flavors Strawberry & Mint and Cherry & Rose, with stevia, group B vitamins, zinc and selenium.
  • Mood uplift (for a good mood): the flavors here are Coconut & Pineapple and Tropical Peach, with group B vitamins.

Like all Devin’s products, DEVIN Mineral & Vitamins are 100% climate neutral (ie all emissions from the entire product life cycle are neutralized) and come in 100% recyclable packaging, including the cap and label.

For more information:
Dragomir Gyurov
Public affairs and communications
Devin JSC

+359 884 700 415 / [email protected]