BCause Foundations Raises Money for its “Environment Protection Fund”

Campaign on occasion of Earth Day – April 22nd

Pristine mountain lakes, infinite fields of flowers, sea shores. Rare mountain flowers, flocks of migrating birds … beauty as if out of a postcard. Bulgaria’s nature is an integral part of how we see our country. The beauty and richness of Bulgarian nature is indisputable but its preservation – not so much so.

The preservation of wild nature requires civil awareness and professional actions. A considerable part of the work, done by scientists and experts is delivered through NGOs. However, they receive insufficient financing and moderate charitable support.

On occasion of Earth Day – April 22nd, BCause Foundation asks nature lovers and admirers to support its preservation by donating to its “Environment Protection Fund”.

Donations to the fund can be done by individuals as well as companies, promoting a green course in their CSR politics or recognize environmental interests among their employees, which can be turned into easy and regular donations from the workplace.

The “Environment Protection Fund” by BCause Foundation aims to support the field work by environmental organizations in protecting rare species, saving wild animals and sustaining protected areas.

Our goal is to raise BGN 10,000 for Earth Day for:
  • Research, protection and restoration of rare and vulnerable species
  • Wildlife rescue breeding centers
  • Supporting protected areas and territories.

The money, raised through the Fund will be distributed in a contest among organizations, working in this field. The contest will be announced on the foundation’s page by the end of April.

Activities, which will be supported, include:
  • Tracking the condition of endangered species in their habitats
  • Setting up study fields
  • Activities for setting up conditions for reintroduction of extinct species
  • Treatment of hurt wild animals and reintroduction of their offspring back to the wild environment.
  • Supplies and consumables and support for the veterinarians in the rescue centers
  • Activities for sustaining biodiversity in protected areas
  • Actions for cleaning, research and limitation of threats of protected areas.
  • The projects which will receive financial support are expected to be realized by the end of the year. We expect that many of them will be able to host volunteers.

You can support the Fund through the designated campaign’s page at Platformata.bg

You can organize a campaign in support of the Fund together with your employees.

You can engage in payroll giving in support of this cause. Ask us how

The “Environment Protection Fund” and other giving programs by BCause Foundation have financed projects by dozens of environmental grassroots and advocating organizations as well as dozens of schools for their educational environmental initiatives.