Megapark Offers Completely Changed Office Environment to its Tenants and Visitors

Megapark has a newly redesigned and completely transformed common areas of 2600 sqm. Wider and brighter spaces, modern and comfortable furniture, new floor plates, efficient lightening and fresh colors on the walls fully change the entire ambiance of the office building.

The interior design concept follows the contemporary Living Room architectural trend, which blurs the lines between shared and personal space, and turns the working environment into a collaborative, entertaining and cozy place. The goal is to provide more amenities and functional benefits to the office building’s tenants, which allow them to focus on developing their business, attracting, and retaining talents easily, as well as stimulating teams’ creativity.

“In order to be sustainable over time, the office buildings need to change”, says Elitsa Tsenova, Chief Investment Officer at Lion’s Head, the company which owns Megapark. “We constantly monitor and analyze the office needs and requirements of the modern people. That is why we started such large-scale transformation. Our goal was to create a completely new type of office experience for our tenants and visitors by fully changing the building’s environment. I believe we did it.”

The other news is the selection of high-quality service-providers to be operating at the building. Under pandemic conditions the Megapark’s property management team signed long-term lease agreements with a top operator of office-based restaurants and cantinas, a beauty salon, a convenient store, a bakery and confectionery, and a dry cleaning. Two complementary food-concept destinations – a modern cantina and an Italian restaurant, specially designed for Megapark’s community, will open soon.

The final touch will be the green areas around the office building. The goal is active integration of the green terraces into the community’s lifestyle. Turning these areas into open spaces for socializing and events will add another flair to the office life.
“The office complex is an organism which is constantly evolving. Our intention is to keep on changing and adapting by providing new services to our tenants.”, adds Elitsa Tsenova.