Vivacom Unveils EON Packages that Combine Super-fast Internet and an All-new Television Platform

Vivacom is heralding a new era in home internet and television with the launch of EON packages that combine super-fast internet and an all-new TV platform whose features include 7-day catch up for more than 200 channels and one of the largest libraries of quality video content available – all included.

EON packages also feature a mobile app that lets users view content anywhere, anytime and on any device, Bulgaria’s first Smart TV app that offers all EON functionality without the need for a set-top-box, and a special kids’ space packed with fun content that is always safe for the youngest family members.

The simplicity of three easy-to-understand EON packages – each of which includes all the features of the EON platform, an abundance of content, and high-speed internet – offers great value and makes it effortless for users to select the one that best suits their needs and budget.

Special introductory offers for both new and existing customers make the EON packages even more attractive.

All three EON packages give users access to a library of video-on-demand (VoD) content that already includes more than 10,000 titles and is continuing to grow. They also include the most popular subscription VoD service from the region Pickbox, VIVACOM Arena, HBO OD, Discovery, History/C&I, Nickelodeon, Disney English, MyBaby TV, the kids’ platform Hopster, and others.

The EON mobile app makes it possible to access this content on any device. Whether TV, smartphone, tablet or on the web, the interface is the same, the menu intuitive, and navigation fast and easy.

The EON Smart TV app will be included in the offers for DTH services as well.

EON is one of the most popular TV and internet platforms in Southeast Europe. Each EON package comes with a set-top-box with an Android operating system that can turn any TV into a smart screen with internet access, YouTube, and a variety of Google and Android apps.

Subscribers with Android Smart TVs don’t need a set-top-box. They can access the EON platform and all its content just by downloading the EON Smart TV app.

The introduction of the EON platform is another step by Vivacom – now part of the international family of United Group, the leading provider of telecommunications services and media in Southeast Europe – in its quest to provide users a superior customer experience.

Consumers are invited to check out everything that makes EON one of the region’s leading home internet and television platforms at one of Vivacom’s new stores. Vivacom stores have recently been refreshed, offering visitors a modern new design and a hands-on experience for all the technology that the company provides customers.

Full information about EON bundles can be found HERE.