AmCham Bulgaria and IBM Held a Webinar: The Need for SECURITY to be Everywhere, so Allowing your Organization Thrive in the Face of Uncertainty

On April 22nd, 2021 AmCham Bulgaria and IBM held a specially designed webinar on the need for SECURITY to be everywhere, so allowing your organization thrive in the face of uncertainty.

Speaker at the event was Michael Kehoe – IBM’s Security, European Threat Management Program Director working with clients in developing their next generation Security Operation Centres (SOC) based on on-premise or hybrid cloud. Providing solutions for the client to understand their adversaries, their threats and their methods to actively prepare to detect and defend against them. IBM Security Threat management is a force multiplier that will allow an organization unify their cyber defences and stop threats before they damage their organization. His areas of expertise includes industrial control, business intelligence, enterprise process design, GTM strategies, business strategy, and technical opportunity realization. He has a honors degree in Electronic / Electrical Engineering from Trinity University Dublin and holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the Open University.

Moderator of the Q & A session was Lubomir TilevSecurity Sales Leader for Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia, part of the East Europe Security team and he is with the company since 2010. Working in the region in various roles like sales, technical and services management, he has grown a profound understanding on the dynamics, culture and opportunities in East Europe. A true believer of cooperation and sharing expertise, he advocates the importance of the global and local response to cyber-threats on corporate boards and country administration level.

“Innovations in the world today, comes from an open source, comes from the community. IBM today is trying to build community and ecosystem around itself. We focus to develop this ecosystem in 4 key directions: Modernization, Data, Automation, Security.” Pointed out the Country Leader of IBM in Bulgaria, Georgi Ganev.

“IBM is one of the founding member of the Chamber. This company went from the pure hardware vendor to the solution level and today is one of the most modern cloud provider in the world. IBM today can offer you the full stack of the products which can maintain the modern digital economy,” said Petar T. Ivanov, CEO of AmCham Bulgaria in his opening remarks.

In his special panel – “The need for security to be everywhere, so allowing your organization thrive in the face of uncertainty”, Michael Kehoe pointed out the major challenges to a Cyber Solution:

  • Too much to do
  • Too many vendors
  • Too much complexity
  • Too many alerts

Michael Kehoe gave a simple definition about the Unified cyber defence thinking: “Unified Cyber defence is a holistic approach via all cyber activities to assure we constantly try to zero our Vulnerability Gaps that exists due to the ever evolving cyber threatscape we must operate in.”

Then he outlined the Maturity Progression of a Solution:
  • Log Management collects and looks for anomalies in device logs.
  • SIEM Security information and event management collects information across all log sources to detect threats by correlation rules engines.
  • SOAR Security Orchestration, Automation and Response SOAR platforms data gathering, case management, standardization and workflow to provide organizations the ability to implement sophisticated responses.
  • OSINT Open-source intelligence is data collected from publicly available sources to be used in an intelligence context.
  • Deep searching inspects in detail the data being sent over a network without moving the data.
  • Make it usable by all and continual process improve.

If you want to learn more download the full presentation of Michael Kehoe.

Watch the webinar and the Q & A session from the video below.