BCause “Get Ready to Succeed” Program

In Bulgaria, children and young people without parents rarely have the chance to complete their education. They are forced to start working as early as possible and are deprived of the opportunity to pursue a higher degree. Almost half of the university students without parents drop out due to lack of financial resources.

BCause launched “Get Ready to Succeed” scholarship program in 2006 to support excellent students, who have lost one or both their parents and have been raised in institutions or with relatives. 13 years later, we continue to encourage them to believe in their own abilities and to achieve success through education. Our scholarship fellows are focused, highly-motivated and hard-working. “Get Ready to Succeed” is a chance for them to continue their higher education and start their professional development.

For 14 years we have awarded 1521 scholarships worth over BGN 2,150,000, all provided by private donors – companies and individuals. The leading criteria for awarding a scholarship are excellent results in school and motivation. All scholarship fellows have a GPA of 5.50/6.00 and above for the previous academic year. Most of them apply and receive the scholarships for several years, and during that time they manage to maintain high academic success. The scholarships cover one academic year (October – July) and amount to BGN 1,000 for high school students and BGN 2,000 for university students. We award as many scholarships as the raised funds could cover.

Watch the video with this year scholarships and turn on the English subtitles from the CC button in the video below.