Open House Day – Restaurant in an Iconic Building

Are you looking for a place where the afternoon brunches are sunny and pleasant, and the evenings are cozy and elegant? Unique Estates invites you to explore a spacious restaurant in a unique and iconic building for the city.

The event will take place in accordance with all safety measures.

We are expecting you:

Date: June 5 /Saturday/ 2021, from 4 pm to 8 pm
Location: Sofia, Ivan Vazov district
Phone for registration: 0882 300 628


Ivan Vazov is one of the most prestigious and preferred neighborhoods, providing everything you need in the daily life of modern man – a communicative but calm environment, proximity to a park and excellent infrastructure. The design of the building is inspired by the city that never sleeps – New York. The contrast between the rough baked brick, the metal constructions and the space inspired by art is skillfully used. It is characterized by a high level of construction work, sustained in a modern style, providing its occupants not only a pleasant but also safe living environment. It is located next to South Park and has 12 floors – 11 residential and ground floor with shops and a lobby. An underground garage is developed underground on the basement level.


The property consists of open space, a kitchen, service rooms and two bathrooms. The restaurant has an outdoor garden.

For information: 0882300628

We are expecting you!