“ContourGlobalMaritsaEast3” TPP Begins its Annual Facility Maintenance

“ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3” TPP begins the planned annual repair of its facilities on June 7, 2021. At the beginning of the month all subcontractors to be engaged in the annual maintenance took PCR tests, which are part of the COVID – 19 preventive measures at the power plant.

The repair works which include dozens of external partner companies will take place under strict safety measures, regardless of the alleviated epidemic situation in our country. Their planned duration is about 3 months. The facilities maintenance will ensure the power plant ’s efficient and safe operation of the plant during the autumn and winter seasons, when the loads are traditionally higher due to the low temperatures and high electricity consumption. The organization of the activities is in accordance with the prepared analysis of the needs and the schedule for the operation of the facilities, with the most urgent works being prioritized. A large number of engineers are being engaged specialists who will plan and monitor the implementation of all activities. In parallel, the experts from the Supply Department will coordinate the supply of hundreds of spare parts from various domestic and foreign suppliers not an easy task in the context of the supply chain affected by the pandemic.

During the renovation campaign, more than 25 external companies with more than 1,000 external staff will be working on the power plant ’s premises daily together with the hundreds of “ContourGlobal” engineers and various specialists. To ensure a safe working day, the entire team of the Health and Safety Department is on shift duty around the clock.

“ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 TPP is among the big production capcities in Bulgaria and has its key place in the country`s energy system. We make sure that the power plant is always in excellent technical condition so that we can adequately respond to both usual needs and unforeseen situations. For us, the power plant`s reliable, efficient and safe operation is of paramount importance and we invest a lot of effort and attention in the maintenance and prevention of the facilities”, said the Executive Director of “ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 “Krassimir Nenov.

“ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3” TPP is among the power plants in the country that can change their mode of operation from minimum to maximum capacity repeatedly during the day. This mobility is extremely important to ensure the energy system`s reliability which is particularly useful with the increasing RES share. From the beginning of 2021, the power plant has provided over 10% of the electricity consumed in the country, which is sufficient to cover the consumption of over 1 million Bulgarian households.

ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 owns and operates the first lignite fired thermal power plant in Southeast Europe, which operates in full compliance with the highest European standards for occupational safety and environmental protection. The TPP produces 11% of the electricity in Bulgaria, using local energy sources and thus contributes to ensuring the country`s energy security and independence. Over BGN 1.4 billion have been invested in ensuring the TPP`s reliable operation and in environmental protection measures. Shareholders are the international energy company ContourGlobal (73%) and the National Electricity Company (27%).