Microsoft Continues to Support Nonprofit Organizations

Microsoft Company is dedicated to providing relevant, accessible, and innovative solutions to nonprofit organizations whose focus is responding to the most significant challenges the world is facing. Tech for Social Impact Initiative aims to provide accessible technology and tools to nonprofit organizations of all sizes to help them achieve their missions. In order to attain this goal, donations and discounts for Microsoft tools and services are offered to all qualified nonprofit organizations.

This initiative also offers Cloud solutions such as Azure, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365. This initiative is also available both to nonprofit and nongovernment organizations in Bulgaria.

Microsoft tools and services are available via Tech for Social Impact initiative and enable faster and simpler work to nonprofit organizations by allowing them access to the top-of-the-notch services tailored right according to their needs. The most popular offers, which include useful tools, enable teamwork regardless of the location of the team members with the help of Office 365. Organizations can also visualize and analyze data easily using Power BI Desktop and Power BI Pro, and their whole operation can be optimized using cloud solutions.

The complete offer is available at Microsoft Nonprofits.

The donation program continues the almost four-decade tradition of the Microsoft Company in helping the nongovernment sector. Only in the last year, Microsoft donated more than 234 million US dollars in cash, software, and services for 56,365 nonprofit organizations in more than 140 countries worldwide. The total value of the software donations for 19 nongovernment organizations in Bulgaria was approximately 34.299 US dollars in the previous year.

All nonprofit and nongovernment organizations interested in participating in Tech for Social Impact program may check their options for participation on the website: Nonprofit offers.