Petar T. Ivanov on BNR: The Magnitsky Sanctions is a Sad Fact for All of Us

On June 8th, 2021, Petar T. Ivanov commented the recent sanctions under the Magnitsky Global Act imposed on three Bulgarian citizens. He talked with the journalist Silviya Velikova on the Bulgarian National Radio.

“When there is no rule of law or when there is minor sense of corruption, any partnership requires to be frank and to speak loud about it,” said Mr. Ivanov. “I’ve read all the names that were sanctioned so far under the Magnitsky Act – this company is very unpleasant.”

“Our society knows what corruption is – it is not needed to read the Penalty Code to find out. However, how any court judges – this is a different thing.” Sanctions should work – that’s why they are imposed by the U.S. Government now.

“Speculations are not important. It is important for us all to wake up from this nap that we are into – to think that everything is fine, when they are not. These sanctions are to make change happening. We all love to know everything and nothing to happen. At the end – the read of the Magnitsky Act Sanctions is a sad fact for all of us.”

Listen to the full conversation on BNR – here

Source: Bulgarian National Radio

Photos – BGNES