Boryana Alexieva and Sava Todorov Highlighted the AmCham Healthcare Report on BloombergTV Bulgaria

Dr. Boryana Alexieva and Sava Todorov, Healthcare Commttee Working Groups Leaders, spoke with Zhivka Popatanasaova, anchor at “Business Start” on BloombergTV Bulgaria, in a frank and factual conversation based on the AmCham Bulgaria Healthcare Report 2021.

One of the biggest problems in Bulgaria in the Healthcare system is the disproportional dissemination of medical professionals, that hurdles access to healthcare. Another issue is the ineffectiveness of the hospital care. All of this is accompanied with the highest out-of-pocket payments by patients in Europe – thus, showing that cost increase without improvement of the healthcare indicators, is a criteria for low ineffectiveness. These are the opening remarks of Sava Todorov in the joint conversation with Zhivka Popatanasova.

Jointly with Dr. Boryana Alexieva they presented the 2021 AmCham Bulgaria Healthcare as an Investment Report.

“To be honest, the Bulgarian Healthcare System made some progress in some of the indicators. For example, in increase of the life span that was increased with 3 years between 2000-2018. Also, we notice three times increase in the healthcare funds. However, despite this data, we witness lagging in comparison with the average EU indicators, added Todorov.

Main topics of the AmCham Report include lack of focus on prevention and periodical medical check-ups, digitalizations, lack of funding. Bulgaria lags in some areas where it is in the bottom of KPI rankings.

“For example, in life-span indicator, Bulgaria is in the last place. In terms of brain strokes, we are the country with several times more that the average of this illness,” explained Dr. Alexieva.

The data show that each year between 200-300 medical professionals leaving the country. Based on the National Statistical Institute there can be seen a negative trend if aging medical specialists and severe lack of nurses.

“Each Bulgarian citizen can become patient one day. The truth is that a healthier nation functions better in terms of personal wellbeing and in terms of economic activity,” pointed out Dr. Alexieva

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