Security Operations Center by Mnemonica

Do you know what SOC is and how it can save you money and time on expensive things you don’t understand?
The Security Operations Center is extremely important to every organization.

SOC as a managed service can help any company or individual who wants to protect their digital assets. With SOC operated by Mnemonica, the response time to a cyber incident may be reduced to 30 minutes. The expenses for cybersecurity protection and defense systems may be reduced by up to 50%.

Contact us at [email protected] to show you how we can protect your data in the digital environment.

Until the end of July, all members of AmCham can benefit from:

– No installation fee when ordering one of the three packages of SOC Mnemonica – Mnemonica Padawan, Mnemonica Jedi Master, Mnemonica Death Star;

Until the end of the year all members of AmCham can benefit from:

10% discount for Mnemonica Padawan package;
20% discount for the Mnemonica Jedi Master package;
– 30% discount for Mnemonica Death Star package;