AmCham Bulgaria Energy Report 2021 – Call for Sponsorship

On June 30th we had our EU Green Deal Transformation: Opportunities and Challenges” Conference. Following the event, we sent our position to the Bulgarian Government, EC Vice President Hans Timmermans and other EU Commissioners responsible for the EU Green Deal, to our partners and stakeholders. Prior to this high-profile event, the leadership of the AmCham Bulgaria’s EU Green Deal Working Group had the idea of a thorough study on the Bulgarian energy industry and its transformation. Its purpose is to provide quality data and input so that AmCham can be a leading party in the public debate in Bulgaria (and probably in Brussels), as well as it could help any government to solve the decarbonization puzzle and some potential solutions for that.

Based on the above, we would like to hire FTI Compass Lexecon, one of the most prominent consultants in this field, to help us build a data-based, holistic study that will include all known and feasible technologies that could help Bulgaria to make a smooth transformation towards a decarbonized economy.

Project: Goals & Scope

We, and probably any decision-maker in Bulgaria, would like to know which available technologies have constraints, what kind of technology and industrial maturity they have, as well as how much any of them cost and for how long they could be operational. For example, we should study scenarios that include biomass, CCGT, nuclear (incl. SMRs), wind, solar PV – alone or combined with batteries, CCS, gas, and how they could contribute for the decarbonization of the power sector of Bulgaria by preserving the competitiveness of the energy sector and local industry, as well as to prevent energy independence and security of supply. As of now, this is an equation with too many unknown inputs because the different options face different constrains, degrees of technology and industrial maturity, and will entail different costs.

We are certain that the result of this study will give AmCham a significant contribution to the public debate by providing robust modelling of the different options for the decarbonisation of the power sector in Bulgaria.

We would like to have your supportin principle and financial – to build a joint project with the AmCham Bulgarian brand. We were inspired by the “Healthcare as an Investment” Report by the Healthcare Committee of AmCham that was central for a series of stakeholders’ discussions and is a platform for change of the system.

Our future Energy Report has 2 phases. The first is a study of different options for the decarbonisation of the power sector, based on a detailed modelling of the Bulgarian power sector in different scenarios (Ex. till 2050 and the identification of the low-regret options for the next 5 years). The second will craft a policy paper providing recommendations for the development of an investment framework to support decarbonisation, aiming at identifying which type of investment framework could be implemented in Bulgaria to unlock and attract the necessary investments to decarbonise the power sector.

Sponsorship & Benefits

Having said that, I would like to thank the following members, that already agreed to take part in this joint project within AmCham:

We would like to engage with as many as possible members – not only limited to the EU Green Deal WG.

We offer three sponsorship levels: Gold at EUR 30,000, Silver at EUR 15,000, and Bronze at EUR 5,000. If you are willing to sponsor or pledge a sponsorship, please note that if we gather lots of partners and money, we will adjust downward the contribution proportionally. The funds will cover the cost of Phase 1 of the report and the cost of a mini conference (press conference).

Review the sponsorship packages below and contact Petya Kostova, [email protected] and +359 886 607 151.

If you join, your benefit includes involvement in the kick-off meeting with consultant, your logo in the materials of the report and our publications (news on our website, newsletter, mentioning in press releases), as well as you will have your input on the analysis and its process.

If you are interested, please get in touch with Daniel Kiryakov, [email protected] and +359 885 188 626 for details or Petya Kostova, and +359 886 607 151 to book your sponsorship package.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Olivier Marquette
AmCham Bulgaria President,
Co-Chair of the Energy and Mineral Resources Committee

You can find here more information about the Kick-Off Meeting of the Energy Sector Decarbonization Study 2022.