ContourGlobal Invests in Better Living Environment

Galabovo – a town in Stara Zagora region. Not so famous but sounds interesting. Here, the day does not end with the late TV show – there are various opportunities for sports activities, recreation areas for teenagers, excellent education options, highest quality health and social services. For many years now, the large companies in the Maritsa East complex such as ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 TPP, have been contributing to the development of Galabovo. The power plant has invested more than BGN 9 million in various social projects concentrated mainly in the municipalities of Galabovo and Stara Zagora.

ContourGlobal supports its neighbors in many aspects of their lives – urban environment improvement, school buildings and school yards, kindergartens, sports hall, hospital rooms, centers for socially disadvantaged people. “To look beyond your own advancement is a concern of all responsible businesses and this is exactly what we do”, says Nevena Dimitrova, in charge of communications and social projects at ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 TPP for more than 10 years, who works on a daily basis with the local community. “The investments we make are a result of thorough analysis of the needs of the community, and we are in constant dialogue with local authorities and all stakeholders”.

For the town’s people the support from the power plant means better living environment and more opportunities. An example is the entirely new park in Galabovo – Ezetoro (The Lake), where green areas are combined with soccer fields and beach volleyball, children’s playgrounds, open-air gym. After positive reactions from the local community about the park, the company decided to build a sports complex for the town’s young people – ‘Energy’, equipped with attractive street-fitness equipment and badminton and table tennis sites.

The Energetik Sports Hall in the center of Galabovo is completely transformed as a result of total renovation. The renovated sports center now hosts wrestling events that are very popular in the town and allows the local wrestling ream to host FILA tournaments. Badminton, rhythmic gymnastics, foosball teams also have practices in the center. As a result of the improvement of the center, allowing access to people with disabilities, now the Energetik Sports Hall hosts the only event for people with disabilities. This is the 5th edition of the Games for People with Disabilities gathering together people from different parts of the country. ContourGlobal has been the sponsor of this event since 2013.

ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 TPP renovated the yard of the Home for Elderly People in Galabovo. Now the residents of the home can enjoy the luscious green, spacious garden and various training facilities and a gazebo.

The good neighbor

Over the years, the social investments of ContourGlobal have managed to reach even the smaller settlements in the municipality – the residents of the neighboring villages Obruchishte, Mednikarovo and Iskritsa enjoy renovated public buildings and recreation areas, playgrounds, a new bus stop and modern sports facilities. Long-term support from the company is also given to the local community centers, retirement clubs, kindergartens, the school in Obruchishte, which has a 160-year history. ‘People call ContourGlobal the ‘good neighbor’. This is both a great compliment and an enormous obligation’, says Nevena Dimitrova.

Energy for nature

For more than a decade, ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 has been one of the most reliable partners of the Wildlife Rescue Center- Green Balkans in Stara Zagora. Thanks to this cooperation, the center has a visitor’s corner where every year hundreds of kids from all over the country can learn more about environmental protection. Old aviaries have been renovated, an inhalation anesthesia machine has been purchased for the wild patients. Volunteers from the company and their family members frequently work at the center and contribute to their favorite green cause.

With Care for the future

As a result of several large-scale infrastructure projects of ContourGlobal Maritsa East, the youngest residents of Galabovo enjoy wonderful kindergartens – renovated buildings, modern furniture, restored courtyards with modern facilities and pavements, even a swimming pool.

Thanks to the company, for the fifth year in a row, an American teacher from the Fulbright program is helping the students from the Energy and Electrical Engineering Vocational School in the town to brush up their English. This year ContourGlobal started a major overhaul of the building and the yard of the Paisii Hilendarski Primary School, which will completely transform the school life of over 150 children.

Teenagers read the news…

…in the library. ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 willingly supported the dream of the professionals from the Regional Library in Stara Zagora – to have a Teen Zone in the library: a modern space created especially for young people, which bridges the gap between the digital generations and the book tradition.

‘Imagine a library with multimedia, wireless internet, computers … This is a place for strategic board games, movie screenings, book discussions. We also built a STEM corner, with dozens of scientific constructor sets that attract the interest of future scientists and engineers. Plus, you can also write your old-fashioned homework’, explains Nevena Dimitrova with a smile.

Crucial Support

Over the past year, most of the company’s social activities were focused on the Covid19 pandemic. ContourGlobal is one of the main donors to the United Against COVID-19 Fund, initiated by the Bulgarian Donors’ Forum and the America for Bulgaria Foundation and supported by the US Embassy and the AmCham Bulgaria which raised a total of BGN 1.4 million to support municipal hospitals and social institutions throughout the country.

During this difficult period, ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 supported the only hospital in Galabovo region. On several occasions, protective clothing and supplies, disinfectants and rapid tests were provided. After coordinating the needs with the hospital team, a variety of medical equipment was urgently purchased to assist in the diagnosis, treatment and transportation of patients. Thanks to the power plant, the hospital’s oxygen system was also repaired. Attentive to the experts’ forecasts for a new peak of morbidity in the coming months, the company is currently working with the management of the Multi-profile Hospital for Active Treatment – Galabovo to provide modern equipment to answer the needs of patients and physicians.

A fully equipped room for accommodation of coronavirus infected people has been set up at the Samaritan House crisis center – the largest in the country for housing victims of domestic violence. The homes for children deprived of parental care received funds for prevention against the virus, and the Home for People with Physical Disabilities in Stara Zagora received staple food supplies. At the start of the school year during the pandemic, students and staff from the schools in the Municipality of Galabovo received personal protection sets, tablets to aid distance learning, disinfectants.

‘It was a difficult and strange year, we had to rearrange the priorities of our social program, but we believe that we managed to provide timely support for our long-term partners, where and when it was most needed’, said Nevena Dimitrova. ‘Let’s hope that the most stressful moments of the pandemic are already behind us and we will gradually build up a new daily rhythm. However, one thing is certain – as a responsible business, the support for socially significant public causes will always be on our agenda’, she asserted.