Neterra Supports Three Causes in September

Neterra joined three social inclusion and corporate responsibility initiatives in September. The company supported the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria, which raised funds for the purchase of school supplies for over 160 refugee children of all ages.

Neterra employees made personal financial donations, with Neterra doubling the amount collected. Donors were also involved in the selection, purchase, and distribution of school supplies needed by children before the start of the school year.

Neterra also had a team on the charity run Run2Gether Bulgaria 2021. In it, the participants run 5 kilometers on a par with people with disabilities, helping them to also finish and feel a part of the sporting event. The goal of the event is to raise funds for various causes in support of social inclusion.

In the middle of the month, Neterra launched the Zero Project. The company encourages all its employees to live and work in a way that minimizes their personal carbon footprint. In the initial stage of the project, everyone performs three simple steps:

  • The first is to become a “sensor” and prevent unnecessary waste of electricity by turning off lamps, computers, and any appliances if they are not needed or not currently used.
  • The second is to minimize the printing of paper copies.
  • The third is to travel to the office on foot or by public transport instead of by car.

These measures weren’t mandatory however were encouraged where possible.

About Neterra

Neterra is an independent global telecom service provider. It partners with the world’s largest companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Neterra has been providing international connectivity, datacenter, managed network services, and security services for over 25 years. Neterra owns and operates 4 data centers and its own global network with points of presence in over 20 countries.

The overall customer satisfaction index (CSAT) of Neterra clients is 88%, which is a record value for the telecommunications sector, and 71% of Neterra customers would recommend their services to colleagues or business partners (Net Promoter Score), which puts the company in the top 1% of the best telecoms globally.

Neterra’s portfolio of service includes:
  • Fully managed fast and secure Internet access with 24/7 support – DIA, BIA, global connectivity, and infrastructure
  • Data center services served from its own 4 Tier 3 data centers (Sofia Data Centers)
  • Managed IT Services, dedicated servers, and flexible cloud services (Cloudware)
  • DDoS Security
  • Global Data Exchange Platform via NetIX
  • Satellite services – Sofia and Thracia Teleport
  • IPTV and audio-video content distribution platform (Neterra.TV)
  • GPS Vehicle tracking system (Netfleet)