The High-tech Service Smart POS by Postbank turns a Smartphone into a POS Terminal

Postbank is the first bank in Bulgaria to offer a mobile app for contactless payments, which will turn a smartphone into a POS terminal.

The next-gen digital innovation Smart POS by Postbank will be available on Google Play in a week. It is an app that will allow every merchant to offer their customers contactless payments with Visa and Mastercard cards directly via their mobile phone, without the need to maintain a traditional POS terminal. This modern technological solution turns a smartphone into a POS device quickly, easily and conveniently. The innovative service Smart POS by Postbank, which the financial institution will add to its rich portfolio of digital products, is focused on the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and it is the bank’s response to the changed needs of the consumers.

“We are pleased to be the first bank in Bulgaria to offer an easy and convenient solution for contactless payments for any merchant. The innovative service, which contributes to the mobility that holds the key to the effective development of many industries, is attractive to both the smallest and niche businesses, as well as large corporate clients. Smart POS by Postbank aims to upgrade the established POS business model and make contactless payments much more accessible and convenient for merchants. This, in turn, will expand access to contactless payments for end customers, which is not only convenient but also especially important during a pandemic. Using the capabilities of modern banking technologies, we once again meet our customers’ needs for the speed, convenience and accessibility of the services we provide,” Postbank commented.

The Smart POS by Postbank app will be available to any merchant approved by the bank, who has signed an agreement for Card Payment Service via POS with Postbank, has opened a company account in the bank and has successfully passed the registration and installation process of the application. The process is extremely easy and fast: once the merchant downloads the application from Google Play to their mobile device and successfully registers with the bank, they will receive a username and password with which they can access their account and start using their smartphone as a POS terminal immediately. The device on which the application will be installed must have an Android OS, NFC support and internet connectivity.

The high-tech service Smart POS by Postbank is the bank’s first innovation of this type, with which it once again addresses the global trend of consumers increasingly preferring digital forms of payment to traditional methods. Postbank’s software POS adds value to the business of the merchants who use it, as well as to the service that end customers receive. This is an easy and effective payment solution for both micro and small retailers, as well as for large companies that run their business “on the go” such as taxis and courier companies, delivery and fast food companies, transport companies, beauty salons, merchants with a large number of mobile POS devices and others. Smart POS by Postbank will allow many small businesses that do not currently meet the conditions for installing a POS terminal to accept contactless payments in their stores or on the go. And for industries that use mobile POS devices, switching to software POS is a much more cost-effective and easy-to-maintain solution.

Smart POS by Postbank has an excellently developed and intuitive analytical module, which facilitates the day-to-day operation and allows each merchant to immediately access all the information on the app about the status of each of the transactions, data on their number and volume, as well as the turnover on a daily, monthly and weekly basis. This way, the software POS offers more successful business and sales management and easier planning through accessible reporting.

At the same time, Smart POS by Postbank provides another opportunity for fast, secure and convenient contactless payments to end customers, bringing the available infrastructure for contactless card payments to the next level. Based on their individual preferences, users can choose whether to take advantage of a digital POS receipt for their payment or opt to receive it by email, SMS or Viber, or get it on paper.

Postbank’s software POS terminal, which will be available on Google Play in a week, is the financial institution’s latest innovation. Following the strategic framework for the development of the ecosystem of digital banking channels, Postbank continues to offer its customers high-tech solutions, including the mobile ONE Wallet and the innovative digital express banking areas.

More information about Smart POS by Postbank and the full range of the financial institution’s innovative products and services can be found on our website, as well as in Postbank’s wide branch network in the country.