5.5 Times more DDoS Attacks have Stopped Neterra in 2021

Neterra has prevented its customers from 5.5 times more DDoS attacks in the first nine months of 2021 compared to the same period in 2020. This is an increase of 454%, according to data from the company’s DDoS services monitoring system. From the beginning of January to the end of September 2021, Neterra stopped a total of 873,407 attacks, and in the same period in 2020 – 157,474.

The growth of DDoS attacks in 2021 compared to 2020, organized against financial institutions and organizations, is even higher – 6.5 times or 551%.

Through DDoS attacks, perpetrators try to disrupt (partially or completely) users’ access to the services or equipment of a specific target company.

While the company is under attack and struggling to resume normal operations, the perpetrators take advantage of the breach to gain access to its resources. The goal of over 50% of DDoS attacks is to steal data, money, and intellectual property.

Any DDoS attack can lead to direct financial losses, data theft, damage to reputation and a decline in customer confidence.

Neterra has several solutions to prevent DDoS attacks, as well as a system that proactively monitors the state of the network. More statistics on DDoS attacks and the ways in which Neterra handles them will be presented by Maria Rochkova, Neterra’s product manager, during the conference on digital finance, fintech and banking innovation #NEXT DIFI 2021.

The event will be broadcast online on Friday, October 8, and Maria will present between 13:30 and 14:30. Those wishing to view the forum should REGISTER HERE.

Every Neterra customer who uses DDoS protection from the company gets access to the unified system for monitoring DDoS services. Through it you can see statistics about the attacks in real time, to make periodic reports, for example – the number of attacks per day, monthly and more. Customers can change the defense mode and see what each attack was like.

About Neterra

Neterra is an independent global telecom service provider. It partners with the world’s largest companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Neterra has been providing international connectivity, datacenter, managed network services, and security services for over 25 years. Neterra owns and operates 4 data centers and its own global network with points of presence in over 20 countries.

The overall customer satisfaction index (CSAT) of Neterra clients is 88%, which is a record value for the telecommunications sector, and 71% of Neterra customers would recommend their services to colleagues or business partners (Net Promoter Score), which puts the company in the top 1% of the best telecoms globally.

Neterra’s portfolio of service includes:
  • Fully managed fast and secure Internet access with 24/7 support – DIA, BIA, global connectivity, and infrastructure
  • Data center services served from its own 4 Tier 3 data centers (Sofia Data Centers)
  • Managed IT Services, dedicated servers, and flexible cloud services (Cloudware)
  • DDoS Security
  • Global Data Exchange Platform via NetIX
  • Satellite services – Sofia and Thracia Teleport
  • IPTV and audio-video content distribution platform (Neterra.TV)
  • GPS Vehicle tracking system (Netfleet)