Electronic Labour File & Why to Implement it Now?

Sb Accounting & Consulting invites you to join a #Webinar to talk about electronic services, how they help optimizing business processes, change the way of thinking and boost the quality of the provided service!

Together with our partners from Evrotrust, we will discuss topics such as:

1. What is Electronic identification and what are the electronic services that each of us will use in the next 5 years?

2. How 30 companies switched to Electronic Labour Files and what has changed for them and their 3000+ employees:

  • Optimization and automation of HR processes
  • Why e-services are important for employees
  • Removal of barriers such as time, place, home or in the office

3. How does Sb E-File work in practice – a demo of the system.

DATE: 19.10, Tuesday, Free Zoom Webinar
TIME: 15:00 – 16:30h

Sign up now HERE.