Nearly 40% of Bulgarian Drivers Want to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Nearly 40% of drivers in our country say they have made a change related to their car choice or use in order to reduce carbon footprint. Data from a nationally representative survey of the global agency KANTAR* from May 2021 showcase this. The in-depth survey was conducted among a representative sample of citizens of over 18 years of age from all 28 administrative districts in the country. The study aims to explore the opinion and understandings of Bulgarians on a number of topics related to sustainable development and environmental protection, including carbon footprint.

The survey shows that nearly 25% of the interviewed drivers are aware of carbon footprint consequences, although awareness of other, similar terms is lower. Drivers cite global warming (40%) and air pollution (35%) as main consequences, followed by climate change, seasonal changes and ozone hole growth (26%, 25% and 22% respectively, with participants being able to give more than one answer). The study also shows a positive trend when it comes to the daily steps that people take in order to reduce their environmental impact. The largest percentage of respondents (39%) say they use reusable bags instead of plastic ones, 33% aim to reduce electricity consumption in their household, and 28% collect their waste separately. Nearly one-fifth say they tend to limit their use of a car.

“The data is really indicative of the growing interest of people in Bulgaria in the actions that each of us can take personally to be part of the collective efforts to protect the environment. Sustainable development and global warming, albeit at a slower pace, are becoming increasingly important issues in our daily lives. The level of awareness and active behavior in Bulgaria will only increase from now on, in line with what we see in other countries,” says Marcela Abrasheva, Regional Executive Director of KANTAR.

“KANTAR’s independent survey provides a valuable insight into the knowledge and understandings of Bulgarians on the topics of environmental protection and sustainability – key issues with which more and more citizens and companies are engaged. It shows a positive trend of increased public interest in the impact that each of us has on the environment. And this can lead to an important change in consumer behavior and everyday decisions, including the choice of a more environmentally friendly way to move,” comments Kamelia Slaveykova, Country Chair of Shell Bulgaria and Greece. “Having an open public discussion on the topic is crucial, so we at Shell Bulgaria have always strived to actively participate in such and introduce sustainable practices and initiatives as a step towards a better tomorrow for all.”

Another interesting result from the KANTAR survey is that 1 of 10 drivers say they would pay more for products of companies with carbon offset policies. This is one of the directions in which Shell Bulgaria is developing its mission for a more sustainable business. At the beginning of the year, the company introduced a new service for its business customers in Bulgaria, which allows them to compensate for carbon dioxide emissions from the fuel purchased with euroShell Card. Shell will offset the emissions from the fuel they use by purchasing carbon credits** generated by international projects that protect and restore natural ecosystems.

*KANTAR nationally representative survey from May 2021 on attitudes towards the topics of environmental protection and sustainable development among the Bulgarian population.
**One carbon credit offsets the greenhouse gas emissions of one tonne of CO₂. If they wish, Shell customers with a service fleet in Bulgaria can pay a small fee to compensate for each liter of fuel within the new service.