Noble Graphics Wins a Bronze Award at Golden Drum 2021

2021 continues to bring us success, now at the international level. The campaign “Hold My Beer, Ministry of Tourism!” for Pirinsko (Carlsberg Group) won the bronze award in one of the most contested categories of this year’s edition of Golden Drum International Festival of Creativity – LOCAL SPIRIT. A total of 52 entries competed in it, and 12 were nominated. Ultimately, only 4 campaigns were awarded. The Pirinsko campaign ranked among the super prestigious four (in the other categories, the other contenders won several Grand Prix, a dozen gold and countless silver and bronze prizes). We are extremely grateful to the agency team, everyone involved in the carrying out the campaign, as well as to our inspiring partners from Pirinsko.

Thank you!

We take this opportunity to say a word about the other nomination Noble Graphics received from Golden Drum – the campaign “The insurance business card that insures”. The entry fought bravely two Goliath of the advertising industry – „The Moldy Whopper“ from Burger King and „Enjoy Before Returning“ from Diesel in the category „BRAND BUILDING, Brand Strategy and Experience“. Unsurprisingly, these two campaigns won a gold medal and a Grand Prix but, unfortunately, left the business card from Groupama without an award.