SUSE Acquires NeuVector

We are very excited to announce the acquisition of NeuVector, a leader in full lifecycle container security that delivers end-to-end security, from DevOps pipeline vulnerability protection to automated security and compliance in production. With this acquisition, NeuVector significantly enhances the enterprise-grade security capabilities in the SUSE Rancher container management platform.

Going forward, NeuVector will be positioned as a core pillar of a new cloud-native, open-source security effort based on best practices, guidance, and reference architectures within the movement toward zero trust security adoption.

For SUSE Rancher customers, NeuVector offers the key enterprise security capabilities needed to run Kubernetes at scale. NeuVector will be available as an add-on to SUSE Rancher, just like other innovative cloud-native solutions such as Longhorn and Harvester. There is no need to wait as customers can deploy NeuVector from the Rancher catalog today and expect the integrated experience to become more seamless in the future.

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