Research, Innovation and Start-up Committee: Call for Comments

At the AmCham Board Strategic Retreat in mid-September 2021, the Chamber set its 2022 priorities. Among them is the Digital Economy and Innovation Priority with focus on Start-up & Innovation Ecosystem Development. To achieve this goal AmCham Bulgaria will establish “Research, Innovation, and Stat-up” Committee.

Potential Goals of the Committee:
  • Product/Services Validation: connecting members with startups to validate the innovative projects of the latter.
  • EcoSystem 2.0: to lead and to facilitate the process of connecting different parties in this ecosystem.
  • Legal: to improve legal regulations.
  • Advocacy and Outreach: to partner with the government and other business NGOs to develop more productive business environment.

Your Feedback is Needed

This is a new start. So, we need YOUR opinion to have solid ground. Please, share your views about the issues and the potential of Bulgaria’s Start-up & Innovation Ecosystem Development.

We believe that you are the right person to answer those 3 questions below. This is a 3-minute survey. We appreciate your time. Please, reply by November 16th, 2021.

  1. What are the opportunities and challenges of the Research, Innovation and Start-up Ecosystem of Bulgaria now?
  2. How can the AmCham Members impact this Ecosystem?
  3. Will you join the “Research, Innovation, and Start-up” Committee and if “yes” – how you will contribute in it?

If you have any questions or you would like to share more, please contact Ms. Stephania Semova, Committee Lead, at: stephania@amcham

Complete the form below to participate in the survey.

The Research, Innovation and Start-up Committee Survey and data collection was successfully completed. Thank you to those who participated and gave their contribution and time!
We will keep you updated in terms of information about the Research, Innovation and Start-up committee.