ING – Partner of the European Cyber Security Month

ING supports the cybersecurity awareness initiative called European Cyber Security Month, organized by Europol, the European Banking Federation, as well as private and public sector partners.

We realize the common risk of the rapidly spreading treats and online insecurities. To make sure that our clients are well informed about measures we take, we provide detailed information on ING’s Security measures, Tips on safe internet banking and ING’s Fraud measures on our website.

Sufficient education on the topic, as well as extra caution are key to our own security and to the security or the company we work for. Here are some of the most popular trends, identified by Europol:

  • CEO fraud: scammers pretend to be a CEO or a senior representative in the organization and trick the victim into paying a fake invoice or making an unauthorized transfer from a business account.
  • Invoice fraud: they pretend to be one of the clients/suppliers of the user and trick them into paying future invoices into a different bank account controlled by them.
  • Phishing/Smishing/Vishing: they call the users, send them a text message or an email to trick them into sharing their personal, financial or security information which could be used afterwards for criminal purposes.
  • Spoofed bank website fraud: they use bank phishing emails with a link to the spoofed website. Once the user clicks on the link, various methods are used to collect their financial and personal information for misuse. The site will look like its legitimate counterpart, with small differences.
  • Romance scam: they pretend to be interested in a romantic relationship. It commonly takes place on online dating websites, but scammers often use social media or email to make contact in order to obtain money and/or data and/or for extortion purposes.
  • Personal data theft: they harvest your personal information via social media channels. Data can help criminals get access to bank accounts, obtain credit, or engage in another illegal activity on behalf of the victim.
    Investment and online shopping scams: they make you think you are on a smart investment or present you with a great fake online offer.

Locally, the European Cyber Security Month was supported by the Association of the Banks in Bulgaria, where ING is a member, and the State e-Government Agency, who organized awareness campaigns, including videos and other promotional materials published in their websites and social media channels.

We encourage our clients, partners and the wide audience to take advantage of the materials, be conscious and actively report any suspicious activities, experienced in the internet.