Enery Joined the “Equity for infrastructure” Conference as Part of the 3SIIF Business Forum

Sofia, November 3rd, 2021

Enery was invited to participate in the “Equity for infrastructure” conference organized by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the support of Bulgarian Development Bank. The event focused on companies already financed by Amber Infrastructure Limited, the 3SIIF’s main investors.

Severin Vartigov (Country Manager for Bulgaria) outlined the benefits companies receive by being successfully backed by private equity: they perform better than their publicly traded peers and expand their business development opportunities. In Enery’s case, this enabled the company to invest 1bn EUR in the energy transition towards decarbonization and allowed us to start looking at new options for energy storage, wind, carbon neutral industrial zones, etc.

Enery accelerated the permitting process and allowed industrial consumers suffering from constantly increasing spot prices to secure low prices for green energy in the long term. In a broader sense, the green energy transition fills the gap between the “old” and “new” Europe.