TPP AES Galabovo is Completely Ready for Exploitation in the Winter Season

TPP AES Galabovo is completely ready for exploitation in the upcoming winter season. The newest and most modern coal-fired power plant in Bulgaria has 430 000 tons of lignite coal in stock which is over 150% of the required reserve. This available amount of coal can guarantee the normal operations of the power plant at full load of the capacities for more than 3 weeks.

Also, TPP AES Galabovo has in stock the required quantities of liquid fuel and limestone needed for the desulphurization process. The annual scheduled and preventive maintenance campaign of Unit 2 of the TPP has been successfully completed, and in early October both units are in full commercial exploitation. The scheduled maintenance of Unit 1 is expected to start in early November.

For the first nine months of 2021, TPP AES Galabovo generated for the Bulgarian customers around 2 320 000 MWh of reliable energy which is 8% of the energy consumed in the country for this period. This once again demonstrates the essential role of TPP AES Galabovo for the Bulgarian energy system.