Pim Prima: Simplicis’s Team Gains Productivity with the Time-saving Features of Toad


Simplicis is a small company that serves biopharmaceutical and agriscience laboratory businesses with solutions and services for laboratory information and sample management. The company maintains Oracle databases for software design, development, and release testing, and must manage the database instances. Specifically, database management includes tablespaces, data files, rebuilding indexes, tables, analyzing tables, and schema comparison. PL/SQL development includes creating and maintaining packages, while SQL development includes data queries and editing.


To address these challenges, Simplicis selected Quest® Toad® for Oracle to automate and streamline the repetitive tasks of database maintenance and development.

  • Numerous features packed into one tool that installs easily and doesn’t require add-ons
  • Robust “make code” feature that exports complex SQL statements to programming languages
  • Attentive service and support from Quest
Solutions at a glance
  • Quest® Toad® for Oracle

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