AES – The Company, which has been Accelerating the Future of Energy for 40 Years

Although for two years mankind has lived with the rhythm imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the topic of climate change and the future of the energy sector continues to stay high on the global agenda. The AES Corporation, which operates in Bulgaria the most modern TPP AES Galabovo and the largest wind farm St. Nikola has always strived to accelerate the future of energy by offering greener and smarter solutions, which the world strongly needs. Since its foundation 40 years ago, the company constantly leads the innovations changing the energy industry.

The AES Corporation, which today is included in the Fortune 500 list, was established in 1981 by Roger Sant and Dennis Bakke. In the same decade, it became the first and the biggest independent energy producer in the USA. Even then, the company started its efforts to decrease carbon emissions, although the topic had not been discussed widely at that time. Its aspiration to innovate and work intending to achieve the highest standards has driven the company since the very beginning. That is why, it expanded its operations fast and its presence beyond the borders of the USA. Today, it produces and delivers energy in Europe, Asia, Northern, Central, and South America. In Bulgaria, AES has become the biggest investor in the energy sector after 1989, contributing to the stabilization of the sector and to the energy independence of the country.

TPP AES Galabovo provides almost 8% of the energy, produced in Bulgaria, and St. Nikola Wind Farm near Kavarna represents more than 20% of the capacities produced by wind in the country, which positions it as the backbone of the renewable sources in Bulgaria.

In the first years of the 21st century, AES invests in renewable energy sources like wind and solar power plants, and even more permanently, it turns into a leader of the transition toward more sustainable and greener future. Simultaneously, the company does not stop walking on the path of innovations to answer the energy needs of the constantly developing modern world. That is how the foundation of Fluence came – the biggest supplier of energy storage solutions in the world.

In 2019, AES entered into a strategic 10-year partnership with Google, accelerating the use of clean energy via the usage of the Google Cloud technology, the first of its kind in the sector.

Another achievement of the company that is highlighting it as one of the energy companies of the future is the established virtual dam in Chile. That energy storage facility has no precedent in the world. In 2021, the corporation formed AES Clean Energy to accelerate the growth of renewable sources and position AES as a leading energy company in the United States. And just a few days ago, AES and Microsoft signed an agreement, which will support the technology giant in achieving its ambitious target for 100/100/0 by 2030 – 100% of the electricity used by Microsoft 100% of the time to come from renewable energy. As part of the innovative agreement, AES will deliver round-the-clock and constantly renewable energy to supply the data centers of Microsoft, located in Virginia, and that way, it will supply the internet users only with green energy.

Besides being an extremely advanced high-tech corporation, AES realizes that behind the success of every company stay its employees. Therefore, it constantly invests in the development of its employees and that’s why its main values are All Together aligned with Safety First and Highest Standards.

‘Our heritage is a source of pride, and building our history was possible only because we worked all together as a team and with our values as a foundation’, says the corporation, which will continue to accelerate the future of energy also in the next 40 years.