AmCham Bulgaria: Yearbook 2021 – Campaign Start & Yearbook 2020 is Finally Ready

Dear Members,

It is that part of the year when we can jointly create the flagship publication of AmCham Bulgaria – Yearbook 2021. 

There are few but important steps that we all – members and AmCham team – should do together to make it a reality:

Start of the 2021 Yearbook Campaign

Advertise in Yearbook 2021

Your ad in the Yearbook will reach a unique audience – the Audience of AmCham Bulgaria. And beyond. By placing your ad in the Yearbook, you can achieve two additional goals – expanding your marketing targets and reputation-wise. Read here our special advertising packages. 

Update your Member profile

The process starts here where you can update your company profile for the Yearbook. Please note that we have limited the texts up to 500 characters with spaces. Make sure to upload the latest version of your company logo (eps, jpeg).

  • Member Profile – February 28th
  • Advertising confirmation – January 6th
  • Files – February 28th

AmCham Yearbook 2020 – It is Finally Ready!

Like any other year the AmCham Bulgaria 2019 Yearbook represents the Chamber and our members in the best light. Our success stories reach various stakeholders.

Various hurdles caused this drastic delay of publishing it – team members and graphic designers had COVID-19 illness and few of them – post-Covid reactions, as well as overmatching projects with same high priority. Despite these complications, the publication is already a fact and we have a confident look at the following one. That is why you support is again critical for its quality. 

Since mid-October we did what is needed to complete it. We expect to start presses rolling on December 10th

As every year we need feedback on your participation (ad pages) in the Yearbook 2020 to continue with the production process. 

Your confirmation or updates will be appreciated by December 10th. After that your participation (ad pages) will be considered as final and we will continue with issue printing.

Please kindly send your feedback to [email protected] until December 10th, 2021. 

We would like to thank all sponsors that supported the flagship print material of the Chamber – Yearbook 2020. We appreciate your partnership and long term contribution!

Your primary contacts

Content & Profiles


Looking forward to have your energy and input for making this project a reality.

Best Regards,
AmCham Bulgaria Team