Global View Unique Estates Life Magazine, Autumn/Winter 2021-22

Welcome the new issue of Global View Unique Estates Life Magazine, Autumn/Winter 2021-22. With this edition we move from one year to another, so the topics in it bring optimism for the future, a look at new market trends and an exclusive selection of the most luxurious and glamorous properties in the portfolio of Unique Estates and Luxury Portfolio International.

On the pages of the new edition:
  • Answer to the hottest question – what to expect from next year?
  • How do new residential complexes and buildings change the urban lifestyle, the understanding of luxury and timeless, and create new horizons of expectations from home?
  • A look at a new sensation in the luxury real estate market – Villa Morning Breeze – and a meeting with its creator – the famous architect and designer Monica Armani in an exclusive interview with Unique Estates Life Magazine.
  • With Marieta Tsenova we talk about what is the perfect interior, what may be the biggest obstacle to achieving it, what would make it relevant in decades to come.
  • We challenge you to choose: Arrive in Cardiff in a Well Anderson-style luxury Pullman train? Immerse yourself in some of the world’s most exciting art experiences of the season? Or enjoy some new pearl locations in Dubai?

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