Dimitar Tsotsorkov: Green Transformation Creates Opportunities and Requires Realistic Expectations

¨Green transformation requires strong leadership, our own national strategic vision for development, successful risk management and shared values”, Dimitar Tsotsorkov said at the Sofia Business School in which students and lecturers from New Bulgarian University took part. He underlined that we must be realistic and aware that a green economy is not possible without resources. It is known that green transition will require more copper as it is the basic commodity  for green energy technologies and electric vehicles. According to Tsotsorkov, this can create opportunities for Bulgaria, because our country has copper mining and processng capacities.

“Economic transformations do not happen caused by a magic wand overnight,” the Chairperson of the Supervisory Board of Asarel-Medet said giving as an example the overall modernization of the mining company in Panagyurishte. ¨Over the past two decades, more than USD 1 billion has been invested in seven of the company’s long-term sustainable development programs which has not only increased its operational efficiency but also reduced carbon emissions and environmental footprint¨, Tsotsorkov pointed out. “We are digitizing everything that can be digitized, because that way we have better process management and reduced resource consumption,” he said  placing emphasize the innovation boom in mining. This is why partnerships with research teams and pan-European knowledge sharing, such as the X-Mine project aimed at exploring the technologies of the future, are crucial.¨

According to Dimitar Tsotsorkov, strong leadership and human development are of key importance to good change management. “In the end, success depends on people, on their commitment, on the values ​​they share, on the trust they build,” he said. He added that Panagyurishte is a paragon of good regional development, because strong business has initiated many important social projects, among which he highlighted the huge investment in changing municipal health care. “Thanks to it, a relatively not large Bulgarian municipality received the pandemic being the second place in the country with the highest number of doctors per capita,” the Chairperson of the Asarel-Medet´s Supervisory Board said illustrating how important a long-term development strategy is.

The topic of the tenth edition of Sofia Business Schoo held on January 15th, 2022 was “The Commodity Inventory of the Climate Transition in the European Union”. The event was chaired  by the program director of the school, Ilian Vasilev, and was attended by Prof. Samuel Furfari, President of the European Society of Engineers and Industrialists, Christian Hospeed, senior research fellow at the Center for Information Technology, Law and Social Sciences at the University of Namur, Belgium, Dr. Mikhail Krutikhin, lead analyst and consultant on the oil and gas policy in Russia, and Julian Popov, Chairperson of the Board of the Buildings Performance Institute Europe, political adviser to the European Climate Foundation.

The organizers from New Bulgarian University and Reform Union Club made the webinar available to all interested students, teachers and experts as the event was entirely online for the first time.