Georgi Petkov, PPS Manufacturing Talks About the Challenges of the Nitrile Gloves Business

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the first company for nitrile gloves in Europe, PPS Manufacturing, Georgi Petkov, was a guest at the show “Business.BG” on the Bulgarian National Television, BNT. He shares about the upcoming start of the factory in April and the direction, the business wants to take. More precisely – local production of 800,000 gloves per day with a focus on the European market.

The broadcast highlighted the alarmingly high rates of waste, dumped by various industries due to the increased usage of protective gloves in the COVID-19 pandemic. In this context, PPS Manufacturing is currently focusing its efforts on forming teams with local and foreign scientists to implement its plan for biodegradable gloves production. The green idea will favor the decomposition of more than 30 billion gloves a year in nature. The company, situated in Plovdiv, expects the arrival of 7 experienced engineers from Malaysia, where 80% of the world’s production of latex and nitrile gloves is concentrated. They will give useful guidelines for quality and cost-effective production in our country.

Regarding the innovative business Georgi Petkov shares about the challenges, that the company is expected to face – increased prices of energy sources and containers, difficult and unpredictable deliveries. In addition, the nearshoring of Asian businesses in Europe means that time will also be needed for technological uptake of production processes. The ambitious management team and 50 motivated employees are determined to overcome the economic difficulties and start the production as soon as possible. The benefits for healthcare, industrial, and general use sectors are the driving force for the new business.

Watch the full video and conversation here