VEDRI.BG is the Latest Initiative of Devin JSC that Brings Together People with Similar Interests and Communities

The leader in the mineral and spring water market in Bulgaria Devin JSChas launched a new initiative – VEDRI.BG. The platform will provide diverse and personalized content on important for the users topics, opportunities for them to consult withexperts, make friends and communicate with people with similar interests, share their experiences and knowledge, join inspiring causes, and participate in various events.

“We have done in-depth research that has shown that our customers need a place on the Internet where they can quickly and easily find the information they care about. That is why we developed the platform VEDRI.BG, which is unique for Bulgaria. Consumers will receive personalized information tailored to their interests and needs. This approach is important because our customers can spend the time they save from searching for the necessary information with their family and friends,” Slavica Adzic, Marketing Director of Devin JSC said. “With the help of VEDRI.BG we will be able to communicate with our customers daily and meet their needs in a timely manner. Through the platform, we will connect the consumers with experts who can answer their questions or hesitations and unite them around causes of mutual importance and events that excite them.”

The idea behind the initiative of Devin is to create an online space where people can be inspired, help each other and share positive emotions and experiences. In other words, a platform created for people and the bright side of life. The platform VEDRI.BG offers five thematic communities that bring together users with similar interests such as eco-enthusiasts, young parents, travelers, sports enthusiasts and those who choose to follow a healthy lifestyle. The new platform corresponds to the corporate social responsibility strategy under the motto “Source of Change 2025”, which Devin pursues as part of the European group Spadel. Spadel’s main goal in this program is to transform from a positive impact company into one that creates a better future based on four main pillars – green, clean, local and together. The new platform VEDRI.BG is an important step in the fourth pillar of the strategy – together, which aims to unite people in communities and together with nature.