BCause Supports 8 Women’s Causes for March 8th

For the fourth consecutive year in March, we at the BCause Foundation support organizations that work with women victims of domestic violence, and in many cases – with their children. BCause fund in support of women victims of domestic violence supported each organization with BGN 2,000. The partner of the initiative is the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria.

The cause of supporting women and children who have experienced domestic violence was included in the traditional charity event on Thanksgiving 2021 of AmCham Bulgaria. The campaign raised almost BGN 35,000 from corporate and private donors, divided between two BCause Foundation causes – the Ready for Success Scholarship Program and the Fund for Support of Women Victims of Violence.

Our goal is to help 8 organizations working for a dignified life for women to conduct successful donation campaigns. The needs of the organizations grew during the two-year pandemic of COVID-19. The reason is that during lockouts, the incidence of domestic violence and gender-based violence has increased. There has been a significant increase in those seeking help and protection.

8 women’s causes for March 8

  • The Crisis Center in Dimitrovgrad wants to make happy for the holiday 10 women victims of domestic violence or trafficking, with cosmetic kits and vouchers for beauty treatments and give them an exciting and special evening at the cinema or theater of their choice. Things at first glance simple and affordable, but which few of these women have received and had in their lives! Target amount: BGN 2,650
  • The Naya Association needs BGN 4,000 to help 8 women consult a lawyer and have a defense in court. Each of them will receive a package of completely free legal services worth BGN 500.
  • The Ame Foundation is seeking BGN 3,500 for legal assistance. Financial inability often stops girls and women victims of violence from filing lawsuits under the Domestic Violence Protection Act.
  • P.U.L.S. Foundation raises funds for its program to support victims of violence, which does not have permanent funding. It is possible thanks to the support of donors and projects. It helps over 300 people annually.
  • Ekaterina Karavelova Women’s Association wants to help a woman and her seven children. It takes 4000 leva to buy beds for the children, bigger bed for the mother and her youngest child, a wardrobe, stove and refrigerator with freezer.
  • Demetra Association is looking for BGN 5,000 to maintain a hotline. In 2021, 197 people sought help from the Hotline for domestic violence support.
  • CONCORDIA Foundation Bulgaria needs BGN 5,000 for the Crisis Center for Children Survivors of Violence. It is designed for 12 children who stay for up to 6 months. In 2021, they helped 20 children.
  • The Samaritans Foundation needs BGN 3,720 to provide a new enameled professional cooker for the Crisis Center. This stove prepares daily food for 5 families or a total of 15 people.

You can support them with a donation here.