Ministry of Healthcare Will Collaborate with Three of the Bilateral Chambers in Bulgaria

On February 22nd, 2022, representatives of the American Chamber of Commerce, the Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce held a meeting with representatives of the political cabinet of the Minister of Health Prof. Asena Serbezova.

All three chambers expressed their willingness to include experts in the future working groups to the Ministry. The specific topics they will work on are analysis and optimization of hospital care, combating socially significant diseases, mental health, and digitalization.

The meeting today was attended by the Deputy Minister of Health Assoc. Prof. L. Bakalivanov and the Head of the Minister of Health’s Office Assoc. Prof. Vassil Pandov. On behalf of the chambers participated Petar T. Ivanov, CEO, AmCham Bulgaria, Boni Bonev, Chairman, Managing Board of the Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Dr. Mitko Vassilev, General Manager of the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

“We welcome the Ministry of Health’s approach to collaborate with bilateral chambers of commerce. Our members include leading global companies whose experts can be instrumental in bringing positive change to the healthcare sector. The expertise that the three chambers together possess will help to reform the sector and implement policies for improving the quality of health and life of the Bulgarian people. Our holistic report “Healthcare as an investment” outlined in 2021 both the problem areas and some of the possible solutions in the sector,” said after the meeting Petar Ivanov.