Decarbonization Study with Three Scenarios is Ready

On February 17th, 2022, Petar T. Ivanov had a brief conversation with Nina Tsaneva, anchor at the Bulgarian National Radio “Hristo Botev” Program show “Our Day”.

EU Green Deal is among the priorities of AmCham Bulgaria. Six months ago we contracted a study to make an overall evaluation of the strategy the government is having. We have worked with all relevant stakeholders, including the Ministry of Energy, TSO, EWRC, and subsector associations.

Today we are announcing that our Energy Decarbonization Study is ready. It has three scenarios of the potential pathways Bulgaria can take to reach net-zero. It considers all viable technologies and based on that can consider the different financial framework. – said Petar T. Ivanov.

Bulgarian Delegation

The Bulgarian Delegation to the United States, met on February 14th, 2022 some of the leading technological companies in Energy from nuclear, renewables, geothermal, and energy storage subsectors, pointed out Mr. Ivanov. The luncheon was jointly organized with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Three Scenarios for Bulgaria’s Energy Sector Decarbonization

Petar Ivanov pointed out that AmCham is ready to give our new study to the government. It has three scenarios. Our goal is to present opportunities for choosing the technological mix that suits best our country, as well as some financial rationale that can achieve net-zero with limited impact on people and the economy.

The three scenarios are based on the recent documents for climate and energy such as Bulgaria’s National Energy and Climate Plan, Fit for 55 ambitious scenario of the European Commission, as well as EU Energy Mix of 2020.

For example, “Fit-for-55“ is much more rigorous with regard carbon emissions reduction. Achieving it, it will require much more resources to provide the optimal energy mix.

Currently in the nuclear sector we can witness some small revolution with the introduction of the small module reactors.

Listen to the conversation on the beween Nina Tsaneva and Petar T. Ivanov, AmCham Bulgaria CEO.