How to Manage the HR Administration of 150 Mothers With a Few Clicks

Maternity management is a long and complex process for any HR professional. There are various procedures and legal requirements for the period of motherhood that must be followed precisely. Mistakes connected with wrong data input and missing deadlines, can lead to payment delays and may even lead to suspension of the mother’s monthly social payment.

Bigger companies may have the scenario where it’s needed to administer 150+ mothers each year. This process involves a significant human resource, and a big portion of time devoted to this particular activity, which could be otherwise used for more strategic business activities related to the company and its employees.

Is it possible to automate, digitize and simplify the process of maternity management? And is there a way to facilitate all steps that every HR professional and mother are going through?

Our answer to those questions is the Sb MOM platform, which is designed to streamline and automate the process of maternity administration. The platform is created to make the process simple for both mothers and HR managers. Employees in maternity leave are guided throughout every single step in the administrative path to motherhood and all this is visible from a single dashboard, within a few clicks!

Join our webinar “Digital Maternity Management” and we will introduce you to all crucial points of the maternity administration process. Latchezar Georgiev, Managing Partner, and Antoniya Tsenkova, Business Development Specialist at Sb Accounting & Consulting, will answer your questions on the topic. Also, our guest speaker Natalia Spasova, Payroll Manager at Coca-Cola, will talk about the difficulties and challenges faced by HR specialists in maternity management and will share good practices and useful tips.

Last but not at least, we will introduce you to the Sb MOM platform for digital maternity management, which allows the administration of all mothers in a company to be carried out from a single dashboard, the process of exchanging data is streamlined, traceable and the risk of errors and missed deadlines is greatly reduced.

8th of March, 15:00. – Let’s make women’s day even more special!

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