Luxury Real Estate Market 2021 in Bulgaria

Sofia’s market of luxury properties had an exceptional year, both in terms of demand and prices. The analysis done by the luxury property company Unique Estates shows a 15% growth in the prices of high-end apartments and over 70% more sales in 2021 compared to 2020. Active demand continues, for both newly constructed properties in the fast-growing southern areas and high-end residential properties in old but well maintained buildings in the central parts of the city. Buyers looking for more space are continuing to gravitate toward houses in Sofia’s outskirts, and many clients have chosen that option as an alternative to a penthouse in newly constructed buildings.

Two out of three sales in Sofia are made without any discount, according to Unique Estates’ data.

The luxury property company is reporting an increased demand for and transactions with penthouses in 2021.

Read more about the key indicators, demand, supply, price dynamics and why 2021 is the “year of the penthouse” in the analysis of the luxury real estate market in Bulgaria for 2021 by Unique Estates.