AmCham Bulgaria Presented Power Decarbonization Study to the Employers’ Association

AmCham Bulgaria presented today its “Power Sector Decarbonization Study” before the Association of the Employers’ Organization in Bulgaria (AOBR, AEOB). The presentation was attended by Dobri Mitrev, Chair of the Managing Board of the Bulgarian Industrial Association and rotaion-Chair of the AEOB, Vassil Velev, Chairman of the Managing Board of the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (AIKB, BICA), Vassil Todorov, BCCI, and Ivaylo Naydenov, Bulgarian Large Energy Consumers Federation (BFIEK), member of CEIBG.

AmCham Bulgaria was represented by Krassimir Nenov, Co-Chair of the Energy and Mineral Resources Committee, Petar T. Ivanov, CEO, and Ivan Tzankov, member of the committee.

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