AmCham Bulgaria and AmCham North Macedonia Partner with CIPE for Better Economic Cooperation

AmCham Bulgaria is partnering with the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) to enhance economic cooperation and development between Bulgaria and North Macedonia. This initiative is linked with both governments’ rapprochement that started at the beginning of 2022.

The scope of this initiative includes a series of round tables bringing businesses and institutions together to discuss potential business development between both countries, to discuss obstacles to enhanced businesses and cross-border projects, as well as to set the tone for future economic cooperation. This includes sharing best practices for fostering trade between the two countries and suggestions for improving regional infrastructure – roads, railways, air, and digital infrastructure – identified by both business communities.

At the first round table, public and private sector participants have agreed to continue dialogue on these opportunities for cross-border reform. All parties expressed commitment to intensify bilateral business cooperation around key focus areas such as energy, transport and infrastructure, and media and digital connectivity. This dialogue will support the business communities in Bulgaria and North Macedonia in advocating for a more robust and sustainable business climate between the two countries.

Both organizations will organize a series of business roundtables to continue to align with the meetings and priorities of the official working groups jointly organized by the government of Bulgaria and the government of North Macedonia.

“With this partnership, we are further upgrading our relationship with our sister chamber in North Macedonia which we are building through our umbrella-organization AmChams in Europe. Together we can give a strong signal to other chambers that we can work for the implementation of the shared values of the transatlantic business and promote our countries to foreign investors, including from the United States” –

Petar T. Ivanov, CEO, AmCham Bulgaria

“Strengthening the relationship between Bulgaria and North Macedonia is the top priority for the future development of EU-Western Balkans relations. CIPE believes that the private sector has an important window of opportunity to articulate its needs and priorities, and in doing so, to maximize the potential of improved bilateral ties.” -Jeffrey Lightfoot, CIPE Program Director for Europe

About CIPE

The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) strengthens democracy around the globe through private enterprise and market-oriented reform in order to expand access to opportunity for all citizens and create democracy that delivers. By improving the business climate for entrepreneurs and tearing down legal and regulatory barriers through policy advocacy, CIPE has supported the private sector to be a driving force for reform. By working with chambers of commerce, business associations, and other independent private sector organizations globally, CIPE has helped businesses find their voice in policymaking on a range of issues, including those related to internet freedom, open data, and corrosive capital.