AmCham Power Sector Decarbonization Study Presented Before Prime Minister, Maritsa East Mines

On Friday, March 18th, 2022 AmCham Energy and Mineral Resources Committee leaders presented the “Decarbonization of the Power Sector of Buglaria” Study before the Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, Energy Minister Alexander Nikolov, and leadership of the Maritsa East Mines. The presentation was held at the headquarters of the state-owned mining company at Radnevo.

The study presents various options for low-carbon economy transformation. It is of interest on behalf of the government due to its aim to develop the region inline with the goals that are set in in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, says the official communication. The report presents some of the potential variants towards low-carbonized power sector as well it has recommendations for building a favorable investment framework that should aim to attract the needed investments for smooth energy transition. There are three scenarios in the study that focus on reducing the carbon emission with 55% till 2030 and full decarbonization till 2050. The study is based on objective data and assumptions that are taken from the National Plan Climate and Energy, Fit for 55 plan, as well as the Reference Scenario of the European Commission. All three of them have the main guidelines for the development of the energy and power sectors, climate change, that the EC and Bulgaria have adopted.

Sources: Text – Government Information Service / Photo – Maritsa East Mines