Cloud ERP for International Companies – Webinar for International Companies

We are happy to share that a webinar, highly beneficial to international companies, is coming up organized by FTS Bulgaria. The company is one of the leading providers of business management software in Central and Eastern Europe.

March 29, 2022, 14:00-15:00

Event plan/Highlights:

1. Challenges for international companies
  • Manage different legislations in a group of companies – localizations
  • Apply IAS or US GAAP, Global or Local CoAs – the challenge is achievable.
  • Compare business information coming from different entities – intercompany feature in few steps.
  • Access without VPN References from any point of the world
2. Why in the cloud?

You get a number of benefits: data security and protection, elimination of infrastructure and system software costs, and much more.

3. Streamlining business processes
  • Supply management in an uncertain environment.
  • Focus on project profitability.
  • How to retain top talent at your company – one place to access all information,
  • Time sheets, integration with Office 365 and MS Teams.
  • Optimizing teams’ workflow
4. Q&A – Don’t hesitate to enquire about all you might want to know.

To register for the upcoming event click HERE