Petar T. Ivanov on BNR: Each Fuel-Drop from Russia Turns into a Bomb

“In Ukraine the war is not only for its independence, but for the democracy in general,” said Petar T. Ivanov, AmCham Bulgaria CEO before the Bulgarian National Radio. “EU has made itself dependent on Russian energy supply. Bulgaria is even more dependent. A whole generation of politicians has made that possible,” he pointed also,

“Each fuel drop that we use from Russia, transforms into a bomb that drops on the heads of those mothers and children that are seeking their escape from that war,” emotionally said also Mr. Ivanov. However, the EU sanctions against Russia will have impact on the economy. After EU has realized that the joint gas supply mechanism works – there is no reason this mechanism not to work as it worked with the joint CoVid-19 vaccines. This is some way-out of the situation because everyone knows that there will be gas shortages in short term. EU is the biggest economy worldwide. A joint gas purchase will ease the gas prices too,” explained during the conversation Mr. Ivanov

Source: BNR