Postbank Took Part in This Year’s Edition of the New Forest of Sofia Initiative

Postbank joined the large-scale initiative The New Forest of Sofia for its second edition this year as well. Nearly 100 volunteers from the company’s team planted more than 1,000 trees as part of its overall internal environmental programme „Green Together with Postbank“ and in keeping with the institution’s long-standing environmental policy. Afforestation is carried out in the area of the village of Negovan, Novi Iskar region, and for the period of its implementation, the technological plan of the operation envisages the planting of 86,000 one-year-old saplings of the Turkey oak tree species (representative of the Oak genus) on an area of 137 decares.

Postbank’s initiative was held under the motto “Reach out a hand to the New Forest of Sofia”, which shows how joint efforts can change the environment for the better with care for the well-being of our society.

“Team spirit, empathy and social responsibility unite us not only in our daily activities, but also in our commitments to public causes. Building a green self-awareness has been part of our corporate policy for many years. The leading goal of our green projects is to motivate as many people as possible to take conscious actions for nature conservation. We are happy that with each green initiative the interest and enthusiasm of our employees grows, because together we are stronger and we set a good example to cause positive changes in society,“ Postbank said.

The forest near Negovan is part of the initiative New Forest of Sofia, with which Sofia Municipality is planting new forests in the suburbs of the city as part of the measures to improve air quality. The initiative The New Forest of Sofia was launched several years ago, and in its 2019 edition Postbank was again among the main participants, when 225 decares of vacant municipal lands in Suhodol District were afforested with deciduous trees.

Green projects with environmental focus are an essential part of the long-term and active CSR policy of Postbank. Over the years, the financial institution has implemented many socially responsible campaigns, the largest of which are „Green Outdoor Stories“, in which employees improved the eco-trail of Vitosha’s Golden Bridges area, the internal initiative „Heroes in Green“, which promotes environmentally responsible behavior in the bank’s team, together with the „Green Classroom“ project, which build an innovative amphitheater for learning and entertainment in the nature in partnership with Mastercard and Vitosha Nature Park.

Postbank is the only bank in Bulgaria that has a Green Board and an Environmental Office within its organizational structure, working to protect the environment, both in terms of limiting the resources used by the financial institution and in terms of its funding activities.

More information about Postbank’s green initiatives can be found here.