The Fourth Edition of the Emblematic Bartending Competition, Organized by Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria – Bar Masters, Has Started

The first stage of the competition has started on April 19 with a hybrid webinar with the participation of top names from the world’s bar culture

For the fourth consecutive year, one of the largest bartending competitions in Bulgaria – Bar Masters, will be held. The new edition, traditionally organized by Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria, started on April 19 with a hybrid webinar, where some of the biggest names from the world’s bar culture passed on their valuable knowledge to the contestants. The first challenge was revealed during the event, after which the first 50 best performing bar masters will be selected to continue in the battle for the “Bar Master of Bulgaria 2022” title.

And this year, Bar Masters will be held in four stages. The first stage – Trainings, has marked the beginning of the competition and gave the floor to speakers in the face of three of the big names in the world’s bar culture. Thanos Prunarus, owner of “BaBA au Rum” bar, part of “The World’s 50 Best Bars”, presented a lecture on “From Traditional To Modern Cocktails”. He was joined by Joe Schofield, International Bartender of the Year 2018, and winner of the “Bartender’s Bartender” title in the “The World’s 50 Best Bars” awards, who shared more about “How to Create a Cocktail Menu” to the contestants. Edvinas Rudzinskas, winner of numerous awards and prizes and founder of “Cocktails For You”, shared with the participants valuable knowledge about “Accelerating Online Success – Without Unnecessary Nonsense”. The second stage of this year’s competition is a surprise that will definitely take the participants out of their comfort zone and will meet them with more world-renowned speakers. It will be followed by the already popular third stage with Pop-up bars, which will challenge the bar masters not only to show their skills but also to show creativity and prove themselves as virtuoso mixologists. The last stage of the competition is traditionally the most dynamic and memorable, that is the grand finale and the awarding of the “Bar Master of Bulgaria 2022” title.

The three best bar masters of Bulgaria will be awarded at the grand finale, and the prize fund is a total of BGN 10,000. In addition to the financial award, the three winners will have the opportunity to be among the brand ambassadors of Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria for one year. The holder of the “Bar Master of Bulgaria 2022” title will also receive the opportunity to be a guest bartender in a bar of “The World’s 50 Best Bars”.

The Bar Masters competition aims to create a new generation of bartenders in Bulgaria. A knowledgeable and capable community to put the industry at the highest level. It is no coincidence that each year the program includes trainings, that aim not only at the method of creating cocktails but also at creating a menu, bar management, communication with the end-user and etc.

Some of the most popular brands, whose products are the main ingredients of your favorite cocktails, will be included in the search for the best Bar Master in Bulgaria for 2022: the beloved and known as the world’s first carbonated soft drink – Schweppes, the official whiskey partner of “The World’s 50 Best Bars” – Naked Malt, Finlandia vodka, Brugal – with over 130 years of history in the creation of rum, premium gin BULLDOG, and the newest member of the Jägermeister family – MANIFEST.